• Interactive

    Easily create engaging and interactive exhibits for your visitors.

  • Customizable

    Customizable tours built from your existing data to suit visitor interests.

  • Multilingual

    Provides exhibit information in 24 languages with many translation options.

  • Location Aware

    Responds to artifact tags as well as the visitor's location.

  • Your Image

    Easily create engaging, interactive exhibits for your visitors. Interpretour provides a high definition interactive experience, requires no new infrastructure. Interpretour is not an APP and requires no downloads, increasing visitor adoption rates.

  • Your Image

    With our easy information management system, you can build a tour, or interpretive information from an existing database, or add audio and video, right from your desk.

  • Your Image

    Interpretour allows interpretive information to be presented in the visitors selected language.

  • Your Image

    Interpretour is able to respond to location and exhibit labels when the tablet device is brought close to them.