Interpretour for Exhibits FAQ

  • What do you mean when you say “Interpretour is location aware” ?
  • Interpretour is able to respond to a visitors approach within 2 meters of any area, or the visitor entering an exhibit. This capability requires no AC power. Interpretour responds to any selected item or all specific items in the exhibit.

  • What does “Interpretour is responsive to exhibits” mean ?
  • Interpretour is able to respond to location and exhibit labels when the tablet device is brought close to them.

  • What does Interpretour mean by “Uses your existing Data” ?
  • If you have a collections database,  Interpretour will use this data, so you continue to maintain your data in only ONE database, reducing workload.

  • How is it that Interpretour is instantaneous ?
  • Interpretour is instantaneous because data is not pulled off the web or cellular network.

  • What is an “Interpretour Token” ?
  • An interpretour token is a non powered radio antenna, it responds to the presence of a powered antenna on the tablet.

  • What is “threshold response” ?
  • This is patented technology, requiring no power outlet, which allows the tablets to respond to visitors approach.

  • Why is Interpretour not Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), but instead on High Resolution tablets ?
  • Interpretour creates a consistent quality of visitor experience. Interpretour does not require the visitor to do anything. Interpretour visitors experience large, rich high resolution screens.The Interpretour model allows facilities to easily increase revenue.

  • How does Interpretour present data in so many languages ?
  • Interpretour can provide exhibit information in 24 languages, using 3 types of translation depending on your needs. Each type can be applied individually to each language.
    1. Standard Machine Translation, non-idiomatic, very affordable.
    2. Premium Machine Translation, idiomatic and grammatical, very accurate, medium cost.

    3. Manual translation (can be used case by case, item by item), cost varies.

  • What is different in “Kids Mode” ?
  • Kids mode is a separate parallel set of data for a targeted age range, for example, ages 13 and under. Kid mode is attached automatically to the same tags, so the same action will present different data to kids and adults about the same artifacts.

  • What is Kiosk Mode ?
  • Any Interpretour can be also used as stationary interactive kiosks throughout the facility.

  • What is coming in version 2.0 ?
  • The following features are currently in development;

    1. Custom and traditional languages.
    2. Social media broadcast capability.
    3. Simple, reliable, augmented reality.